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  • WHY

Benefits of shampooing

  1. Gets a glossier and shinier finish
  2. clean scalp encourages your hair to grow
  3. Build-up of oils, dirt and sweat on your scalp can lead to dandruff and clogged follicles which can be prevented by shampooing.
  4. If you are already prone to dandruff and a flaky/itchy scalp,  shampooing helps to remove the excess skin and clear up visible flakes.
  5. hydrates your hair
  6. removes unpleasant hair/scalp odour

There are 8 types of shampoos,

pH-Balanced shampoo which brings the hair back to the right pH and balances it back to the proper pH it’s supposed to be at when it is either too high or low. You could use it after giving a chemical service or if someone’s hair is damaged and dry.

ph balanced shampoo


Conditioning shampoo, also called Moisturizing shampoo; it improves the manageability of the hair and makes the hair appear smooth and shiny. It also restores moisture, elasticity, strengthens the hair shaft, adds volume and is nonstripping; so it isn’t harsh and stripping on the hair like normal drugstore shampoos. You could use this shampoo on dry, brittle, colour treated or thick hair.

conditioning shampoo


Medicated shampoo, which contains special ingredients that are very effective in reducing dandruff or reliving other scalp conditions, you could use this shampoo on someone who is mature in age, has a scalp condition or has a sensitive scalp.

medicated shampoo


Clarifying shampoo, which removes metals from the hair like iron or copper; it can be used when someone has lots of buildup on their hair, after swimming and prior after all chemical services.

clarifying shampoo



Balancing shampoo, which removes excess oiliness and prevents drying; it can be used on oily hair and scalps.

balancing shampoo


Dry shampoo, also called Powder shampoo, which cleans the hair without the use of soap and water. It adds volume and gets rid of oiliness, it can be used on elderly hair, oily hair or when you do not feel like washing your hair.

dry shampoo


Color-Enhancing shampoo, which is used to brighten, add a hint of color and to eliminate unwanted color tones like brassiness or overly cool strands. It can be used on anyone who wants to enhance their hair color.

colour enhancing shampoo


for Hairpieces and Wigs, they gently cleans without shedding the hairpiece and can be used on all types of wigs and synthetic hair.

Wig Shampoo

  • WHEN

This depends on what your hair is like. Most people can’t wash their hair everyday because otherwise your hair will go damaged or dry. A normal person with good, healthy hair should wash their hair about every other day or every other two days.

  • Oily Hair If your hair is very oily, then maybe you should wash your hair a little more often.
  • Dry Hair if  you have really dry hair, then that might mean that you are washing your hair too much. Try cutting back a little bit, and if you need to take a shower everyday, then just skip putting shampoo and conditioner in your hair. Dry hair often means that you have been washing it too much, and that can damage your hair.
  • Silky/Smooth “Normal” Hair– To keep this hair, only wash your hair every other day, or even better, every two days. It may seem gross, but this is the key to healthy hair.


  • HOW

Wet hair completely with  water . Make sure you lift your hair at the roots, especially in the back, so the water can soak your scalp, where oil and dirt collect.Rub a dime to quarter-size dab of shampoo in your palms; add a splash of water, and lather it slightly. (repeat if necessary.)Apply the shampoo, Starting at the crown of your head, move down to your neck and then along your hairline. Pay attention to the underside of your hair in the back, against your scalp. Scrub your scalp gently in small circles with the pads of your fingers to loosen skin flakes, styling-product residue, and natural oils. Rinse with  water for at least one minute.